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The Tower Til Now. [31 Mar 2008|10:40am]
[ mood | awake ]

The Tower

i- A Woman wants to build a tower...
ii- But it was the Crocodile, O best beloved.
iii- Turtle soup.
iv- The Woman finds that she is alone.
v- Strangers in the Woods.
vi- They are two alone.
vii- The Shatterer has come up against you-- Persephone.
viii- Let me hear it.
ix- Suicide is painless.
x- They meet like business friends and leave like confidence men.
xi- That valley is fatal where furnaces burn.
xii- Perfection is Terrible.
xiii- Crimes of the belt and the button-hook.
xiv- We are stars, we are dust.
xv- Strange but beautiful.
xvi- Moving through my changes as fast as I can.
xvii- Ceberus II.
xviii- Here comes a matron, walking sedately.
xix- In her month they will find her.
xx- Oracular thro’ visions, ghastly clear.
xxi- The Essence of the Absinthe.
xxii- The past is yet to come.
xxiii- The wind makes another noise.
xxiv- Some Princes wanted to build a Tower.
xxv- The Society of You.
xxvi- August, die she must.
xxvii- Dove dives.
xxviii- The city of the solid tiger.
xxix- Who never knew their names.
xxx- September eve.
xxxi- The King of the Sunset.
xxxii- Sophia's unbirthday gift.
xxxiii- The woods have come up and are standing around.
xxxiv- Quiet as a sleeping army.
xxxv- Wanna Cyber?
xxxvi- Who is Witness to.
xxxvii- Who is a Warrior.
xxxviii- Recognises his urge to break and run.
xxxix- Who says, hard times, I'm used to them
xl- The speeding planet burns, I'm used to that.
xli- My life's so common it disappears.
xlii- And sometimes even music/cannot substitute for tears.
xliii-There is always a Tower.
xliv- Beautiful Strangeness-- Not as easy as you dreamt.
xlv- The Beautiful Boy Gets a Job
xlvi- Theatre for an Operation.
xlvii- This is the Womangirl's Own Chapter.
xlviii- Hades in Hose.
xlix- This is the Author Interluding.
l- The Last of September and the First of October.
li- The Moon-Loss of Memory.
lii- The Lady's Plot.
liii- Broadcast Tower.
liv- Life is a Highway.
lv- I have heard the mermaids singing/each to each.
lvi- The Womangirl makes a delivery, with Zahir.
lvii- What Fate Avoided.
lviii- Blood Oranges.
lix- The Gentleman Caller.
lx- Sangria and Enchiladas.
lxi- Lovers with Coyote.
lxii- Empty Spaces.
lxiii- The Shadowman Come Riding.
lxiv- Crocodile Hours.
lxv- The Temple, Library.
lxvi- The Care of the Grim for the Doll-Baby.
lxvii- What's a dame to do?
lxviii- Reader Supported Tower Radio
lxix- Under the Sign of the Leggy Lass
lxx- The Things in the Library
lxxi- The Author Observes the Sabbath
lxxii- The One Who Wanted The Zahir
lxxiii- The Things Which Are Not In The Library.
lxxiv- To Line the Purses of Pirates.
lxxv- Educational Oblivion.
lxxvi- The Grave Proves the Child Ephemeral.
lxxvii- Called the Lost.
lxxviii- Trappings.
lxxix- At the Leggy Lass: Lapis Ex Coelis.
lxxx- Dinner and Dancing.
lxxxii- Filling the Ram.
lxxxiii- Tresspassers will be persecuted.
lxxxiv- The Woman's Own Chapter.
lxxxv- The Lady Cooks
lxxxvi- This is Not a Test
lxxxvii- Another River of Blood
lxxxviii- The Two
lxxxix- Commonplace Book
xc- As Mirrors Are Lonely
xci- Gird Up Your Loins, Collect All Your Strength
xcii- The Maskmaker's Temple
xciii- Sister, O' Sister
xciv- Two by Four

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Because I effing can. [04 Jul 2006|06:08pm]
[ mood | determined. ]

Damn broad white plateaus of empty documents, asking for me to fill them with whatever hate I can hitch out of my head. So let's see what we can do, or do not do.

Curl up in a sneer. Spread out like a stain. I am the worrier of the well-whipped plain.

And the Womangirl said Let There Be and there Was.

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Introduction: Lock-boxes and the like. [24 Jul 2004|08:41am]
If you were to look through the clouds, you might find a Tower. If you want the key to it, you must inquire. The end.
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